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Leg-up Equestrian Assistance Program


So I’ve briefly mentioned the foundation before, and to sum it all up, here’s our mission statement:

L.E.A.P.’s mission is to organize, develop, raise and distribute funds to help equestrians and equines suffering from catastrophic events, illness, accidents, injuries, to help those that find themselves in an untenable situations and/or to just pay it forward where we can!.  Our goal is also to provide financial assistance for education, assistance and training for promising equestrians and/or their horses. We hope to raise awareness of those individuals that are in need and to help, where possible, with raising funds to assist with their immediate and long term needs.

Through combined efforts, our first few donations were done through the raffling of a foal donated by Avalon Equine. If you have questions or concerns about the raffling of a horse, feel free to send something to my ask. The donations we’ve been able to make in the past were just the beginning.

Now, a certain warmblood breeder in California has had several of her horses seized by the Marin County Animal Control. Yes, they should have been seized. Many people have been affected by this woman’s business practices over the years, and a vast majority of them negatively. But when it comes down to it, Marin County seized the horses because they’re in horrible condition. Finally something’s able to be done, but in order for Marin County to support and feed and care for the horses (there are more then a few), and wage the legal battle to come, they need donations.

In an amazing response (no seriously, this is AMAZING), reputable, respectable, and wonderful WB breeders, equine artists, photographers, etc are coming out of the woodwork to support and donate what they can to assist Marin County. So Leg Up has created our first auction! Supplied with breedings to some VERY phenomenal, talented, and stunning stallions. All goods are donated by their respective owners or breeders, and things are just getting started.

So I’m asking everyone to take a look, to print it out, pass it around. To reblog this like there’s no tomorrow. Any questions, feel free to ask!

A direct link to the donations page:

Marin County Fund Raiser

And a direct link to the auction page itself:

Auction Categories and General Info

This organization is still young. We’ve managed to help a few people in 2012, but here’s a chance to get the ball rolling. We’re hoping for a great success with this auction, spreading the word and at the very least, rooting for these horses can only help us help more equestrians and equines alike in the future. Thanks for your time guys!!

Edited to add:

To keep confusion to a minimum. This is in response to the seizure of Jill Burnell/Gray Fox Farm’s animals. If anyone knows of, or is in possession of breeding contracts, or offspring, or knows of anyone who has “gifted”, “sold”, or “Traded” animals with Mrs. Burnell, you are encouraged to offer the contact information of the MARIN COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL offices. Michelle Rogers, Marin Humane Society Investigator, Her number is (415) 506-6236 and email is .

If you, or someone you know is in possession of an UNFULFILLED BREEDING CONTRACT to any of her stallions, there are over 30 stallions, who’s breeders and owners have offered FREE BREEDINGS TO to replace your lost or unfulfilled contract with. All that they ask is collection and shipping. This is incredibly generous and unbelievably kind. They are looking for no monetary compensation or gain other then to cover their supply and shipping costs!

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