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My tolerance is waning.

I don’t know if this is pregnancy hormones kicking in. Or if when I turned the big three oh a switch flipped, but my tolerance for bullshit is waning. Mostly, my tolerance for people with nothing nice to say is waning. More over, it’s almost non existent.

I drive a horse drawn carriage. If you don’t know shit about animals, and more specifically horses, I need you to step the fuck away from my horse and stop telling him you feel his pain and I’m a horrible person. If you haven’t spent more then a summer at camp riding rented trail ponies ass to nose up the mountain, you are NOT qualified to tell me you know the behaviors and mentalities of horses, let alone my animal.

Better yet, just because you took an animal science class at the community college, or EVEN BETTER, that you’re a small animal vet that specialized in chinchillas, that DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN EXPERT ON MY WORKING DRAFT HORSE.

I have DECADES of experience. When I tell you not to pet my horses face, it’s not like me telling you “you’ll scratch the paint job”, he’s not just a piece of equipment. He’s a living animal. And believe it or not, I give a huge shit about him, so get your fucking hands out of his face, and for fucks sake, ASK before you pet him, or when he swings his head around and hits you I will laugh at you maniacally (and usually he does too).

My whip is NOT for my horse, although by law I am required to carry one on my carriage, I use it on drunks, assholes, and people like you who yell at me about animal cruelty.

Oh and by the way, you standing next to my horse screaming at the top of your lungs that I’m abusive and exploiting my animal? Yeah if you actually knew about them, you’d realize that the noise and scene you’re making is far more offensive and scary to them then standing in traffic. See, these horses have been bred for hundreds of years to work. They’re bred to pull, and handle heavy loads. They built the city that your strolling through. Not only that, but they’re tested and trained to be comfortable in busy city life. Because if they aren’t comfortable, or don’t handle being in that environment, they aren’t used to pull carriages there.

My horse walks down the street bobbing his head with his ears forward, flicking them to and fro, chewing and checking out the people on the mall. Do you know what that means? Do you have enough insight to understand those mannerisms? If you don’t, then for the love of the universe, then go away. My horseĀ  isn’t freezing in cold weather, he’s not shivering…do you know why? If you can’t comprehend the physiology or common sense behind that, then seriously…butt out. My horse stands at traffic lights, doesn’t bat an eyelash when a firetruck goes by, watches his reflection as he pulls a carriage past a long row of windows, wiggles his lips when I get off my carriage and scratch him during down time, and OH MY GOD, NICKERS AT ME WHEN HE SEES ME WALK IN THE WAREHOUSE.

Do you know what these things mean? If you don’t, then keep your uneducated opinion to yourself. You just prove your ignorance, your closed mindedness, and your inability to consider that there is more then one side to life.

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    I love this so much! Thank you for sharing!!! I like to tell myself that people mean well but they show their ignorance...
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    exact same fucking thing. i drive in boston and its so true. i am so happy to have found someone who relates holy...
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    Thank you and thank you. I’m tired of supposed bleeding hearts telling me how to care for these animals. Half the time I...
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    Here! Here1 I hate to say it but, horse people, if you have never been around a mule, I don’t want to hear from you...
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    Remind me to write something like this on my opinions on PRO horse auctions and slaughter when I’m pregnant. I think...
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    ^^omg. How could you keep from laughing when people give you “horse” advice??!
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    this is absolutely brilliant

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